Friday, May 10, 2013

The Wendy DeWitt Food Storage Seminar

A few years ago, while perusing the internet, I stumbled onto this video, which I watched in it's entirely, and have watched several times since then. I've also shared it as much as possible, since I believe it's one of the most clear and concise seminars on Food Storage I've ever heard.

As you create a plan for your family, you're going to have to tweak things based on your budget, family size, storage arrangements, what you're comfortable storing, etc. There are many things in this seminar that might not be for you. But I believe it's a great beginning to get you thinking about possibilities and how you can start today to get your family prepared.

After watching this video, I began working on a specific "plan" for our family. We have always tried to set some extras aside, and have done a pretty good job of it. But as far as having a specific plan, or any rhyme or reason for what we were storing, well...that was an area that could use some improvement. We began to think more specifically about what we wanted to do. This is when things really got fun, and when we were really able to incorporate preparedness as a way of life. Family home storage, food storage, production and preservation isn't something we do. It's how we live. This makes life a lot more simple, organized and less financially stressful. It does take planning, organization and the desire to do well as a healthy dose of adventure - being willing to be a bit flexible with learning new skills, and in some cases changing a lot about your family's shopping, cooking & eating habits.
By formulating an outline for your family, you'll have specific, measurable goals...and suddenly the whole thing doesn't seem so overwhelming. In any area of life, careful planning allows you to use your time, effort and resources more efficiently, thus getting more out of anything you're doing. Getting more "bang" for your buck! Family home storage is no different. Watch this video and then sit down for a few minutes and create an outline of the various areas of preparedness that she talks about. By planning your work, and then working your plan, you will be able to attain steady, measurable progress towards the preparedness and peace of mind that you so obviously want for your family. You know you want to...otherwise you wouldn't be taking precious moments out of your crazy day to read blogs like go do it!

The booklets discussed in this class are offered free of charge in both English and Spanish. Email Wendy DeWitt at and put "booklet" in your subject line. She will email you a pdf copy. Her blog is also available with other information at

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