Sunday, May 5, 2013

72 Hour Kits for Infants

As a parent, it is your first and foremost obligation to take care of your child. Can you imagine being in a situation where you are not able to do that? Can you imagine how you would feel arriving at that moment and knowing that with a bit of foresight and planning you could have helped your child avoid this situation? Take a few minutes to provide your baby with a bit of insurance against that situation. As you put your kit together, keep in mind that this is a general list- You know your child & their needs. Tailor this list to what you know YOUR baby would need during an emergency situation.

Experts suggest checking and updating your packs every six months. I packed our baby pack for up to one year a head of time. Clothes that are too big can be made to work...clothes that are too small are worthless. I packed 12mo. sizes for our brand new baby. The same goes for diapers. In an emergency, duct tape could work miracles with a diaper that is too big. You don't want to deal with diapers that are too small. If you breastfeed, realize that your milk may dry up during stressful situations. Keep formula & bottles on hand for this contingency. Include baby foods - even if your baby isn't eating them yet. Try to include a variety so your baby will have a well-rounded diet in the event of a problem.

Along with our baby's backpack, I purchased a cloth baby carrier at a garage sale...if we needed to leave our home on foot, our plan is that I will carry the baby in the front pack, with his backpack on my back. My kit is in a rolling bag, so I can pull it. Put some time into thinking about how you would transport your baby & their kit if you are on foot. 72 hour kits MUST BE PORTABLE. You don't need to spend a lot of money to do this. Check garage sales, thrift stores and resale shops for deals on bags & baby carriers. Chances are you've got an extra bag or two that would work just fine for now. Begin today. Don't wait!

Water, Drinking & Other
Water, 2-liter bottle
Drinking Water Pouches, 4oz.

Food Pack
Powdered Baby Formula
Liquid Baby Formula
Rice or other Cereal
Dry Cereal, Snack (cheerios)
3-6 packs of fruit/veggie/meat baby food
Baby Bowl w/lid
Baby Spoon
Anti-bac Wipes
3 8 oz. Bottles w/caps (filled with purified water)
8 oz. Bottle Liners (enough for 3 days)
3 Extra Bottle Nipples

Small Folding Stove
Stove Fuel, 1 can
Waterproof Matches
Anti-bac Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Bottle Brush
Dish Soap
zip-lock bags
2-3 small garbage bags

1 Small, Heavy, Warm Blanket
2 Dbl Sided Receiving Blankets
Snow Suit
Onesies (T-shirt)
Sun Hat
Stocking Cap
6 pr. Socks
3-4 Cloth Bibs
Snap-up Pajamas

24 Disposable Diapers
3-4 Cloth Diapers & Rubber Pants
Baby Wipes
Diaper Pins
Baby Shampoo
Baby Lotion
Baby Powder
Hand Soap

Comfort Items
Comfort Blankie
Small Stuffed Toy
Pacifier Clip
Teething Ring
Small Toys

First Aid
Sunscreen SPF 30
Insect Repellent
Band Aids
Baby Aspirin
Baby Motrin
Teething Gel
Baby Benedryl
Baby Thermometer
Safety Pins
Nose Bulb
Emergency Supplies
Emergency Blanket, Mylar
Hand Warmers
Small flashlight
Batteries, AA

Important Documents
Copy of Birth Certificate
Copies of Parent's ID (driver's license, etc.) 
Copy of Immunization Record
Copy of Insurance Cards
Insurance Contact & Policy Info

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