Sunday, May 5, 2013

Supplies for Your 72 Hour Kits

Where Do I Get Supplies for Our Emergency Kits? It's a great question, and one that many people ask as they start on the road to self reliance and emergency preparedness. Spend a little time researching, but remember that in today's world of online shopping, we literally have the world at our finger tips. Because we are a young family and on a limited budget, I have found that shopping around and being selective, prioritizing our needs and then making the best purchases possible, are all things that have really helped us stretch our emergency preparedness budget.

You can get most of the supplies at WalMart, K-Mart, Target, Home Depot or other type store. Outdoor and Sporting Goods stores are also a great resource, but watch the prices. A lot of the smaller supplies are even available at the dollar store. If you’re preparing kits for several people and don’t have unlimited amounts of cash, it will save you a lot of money to do a little shopping around.

For specialty emergency items that you can’t find other places, Emergency Essentials has many supplies for this specific purpose. They can be found online at or you can call them at 1-800-999-1863. Doing a quick internet search for emergency supplies will also produce many results and allow you to shop and compare prices as well.

I am an admitted cheap skate, and my husband is even worse. The following supplies are examples of the ones we found at our local Dollar Tree store:

Box of 10 Earloop Masks
Box of 100 assorted bandaids
Roll of 2” Gauze
Roll of 3” Gauze
Roll of 4” Gauze
Second Skin
Instant Ice Pack
Tube of antibiotic ointment
Package of 2 emergency ponchos
Set of Phillips & flathead screwdrivers
Roll of (420ft.) cotton twine
Box of 12 particulate masks
Super Glue

We have gotten many more items at the dollar store, but be careful to be selective. There is a delicate balance between which items can be “disposable” or limited-use quality, and which items need to be very durable and high quality. Keep in mind that your 72-hour kit is designed for a three day period where you might have to leave your home, but where you’ll eventually (with any luck) be able to go back. Many items can be temporary. The items that I would not cut corners on would include a good knife/pocket knife/multipurpose tool, batteries, a sturdy pair of shoes, a P-38 can opener or any other item that will be used constantly if you ever have to pull out your packs.

A lot of the small items are for different contingencies and scenarios, and may never actually be needed. The screwdrivers that we found at the dollar store are sturdy enough to be used in a pinch, but they’re not what my husband would want to use all the time. One last word to the wise: I love the dollar store, but some of the items are totally worthless. Before “stocking up” on something, I always make sure to open one up and make sure it will actually work for what I need.

Also, we have stocked our family first aid kit at the dollar store. Gauze, band aids & ice packs are all items that are more than three times the cost at other stores, and they are the same product! There are plenty of first aid items you’ll want in your kit that will be expensive. Save your pennies where you can.

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