Sunday, May 5, 2013

72 Hour Kit Family Pack Checklist

This list of items would be for your entire family's use, and should be stored in it's own bag, or perhaps as an addition to Dad or Mom's kit. Again, this is a generic list and should be tailored to your family's individual needs and circumstance.

Living Essentials:
Small, portable tent or tarp suitable for shelter if needed
Tarp for ground cover
Flashlight w/ Batteries
Extra Batteries
Cook Stove (small backpacker’s style)
Lantern (small backpacker’s style)
Lantern Mantles
Propane or fuel for lantern & stove
Water Proof Matches
Pack of Baby Wipes
Roll of Paper Towels
Small Bottle of Dish Soap
Dish Towel
Utilitarian Items:
Flathead/Phillips screwdrivers
Quality Hunting Knife
Leatherman or All-purpose tool
Heavy work/gardening gloves
50 ft. Nylon Rope
Roll of Duct Tape
Family 1st Aid Kit:
Rolled Gauze
Plain Absorbent Gauze Pads
Adhesive Tape
Small Scissors
Eye Pads
Fingernail clippers
Tongue Depressors
Small Container Vaseline
Small package of Needles
Box of Vinyl/Latex Gloves
Rubbing Alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide
Extractor Bite/Sting 1st Aid kit
Surgical Sutures
Sterile Saline Eye Wash
Safety Pins
Boric Acid
Anti-biotic lotion & soap
Eye Wash Glass
Triangular Bandages
Ace Bandages
Misc. Items:
Copies of birth certificates, social security cards, driver’s licenses, passports, etc.
Copies of homeowner’s documents (title, deed, homeowner’s insurance)
Copies of other important financial documents or papers
Copies of medical insurance info., current prescriptions, other important info.
List of emergency telephone numbers for quick reference
Out-of-State emergency contact name & number
Small Photo Book with family pictures
Small notebook & pen for journaling or other needs
Extra checkbook
Extra Car & House Keys

Happy Homemaking!

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