Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Jedi Master of Dehydrating

I've done a lot of research on dehydrating, including watching lots of videos on YouTube. But by far my favorite thing that I've found is a series of videos by a lady named Tammy. Other than watching her videos online, I don't know her, have never met her and she would have no clue who I am! But she has become my mentor when it comes to dehydrating, and I'm so grateful that she chose to unselfishly take the time to make those videos, then post them for all the world to see, freely sharing her talents and expertise. I liked them so much that I put them all on a playlist so I could watch them all the way through on my TV. I know, I'm a big geek! But I love to learn and this lady has put together videos that are chock full of great information!

In addition to the videos on dehydrating, she also has a website, dehydrate2store.com, where there are more videos, tips, information and recipes. It's a wealth of information. I had greatly underestimated the usefulness of a dehydrator in my family food storage efforts, but watching these videos has changed my mind. I hope you'll take the time to watch a few of the videos and see if this method of food preservation will work for you!

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